Are you new to your product marketing manager role? Or are you an entrepreneur with a new product? Congratulations! It’s an exciting time, and the entire Wertheimer Box team is ready to help support you with all the facets required for managing the packaging of your product.

To get started, here are 15 tips you’ll want to consider as you’re managing your product’s new packaging.

1.      Plan months in advance.

Lead time is important. Therefore, it’s best to contact your packaging supplier months before your product is rolling off the production line. We’ll need to consider a variety of factors, and while we can accommodate short turnaround times, you’ll sleep easier knowing all the details of your packaging have been ironed out months in advance.

2.      Understand that your boxes will be customized to your needs.

It’s been said, “Boxes don’t grow behind grocery stores.” Although we can make “standard” shipping box sizes, the vast majority of our boxes and point of purchase displays are specifically designed to meet unique product specifications. We can have extensive capabilities and make all sizes, colors, angles (or rounded corners), and die cuts needed.

3.      Consider your end-use customers.

Be able to tell us about your target market. Talk to your future customers. We can provide prototypes that you can market test.

Studies have shown that your product has just 7 seconds to make a good first impression.

Your carton is part of your product. You’ll want to make a good first impression and ensure that the overall product experience is favorable for your customers.

4.      Know your competition.

Take a look at your competitor’s packaging. How can you improve on the experience? You’ll want to differentiate the look and feel of your brand’s packaging.

5.      Be sure your packaging sells your products.

It may go without saying, but the packaging should help to sell your products. What will create the most visual interest? Which packaging will attract customers to your product—instead of your competitor’s product? What will influence them to actually buy your product?

At Wertheimer Box, we produce corrugate packaging of all colors, strengths, and sizes. We also have extensive custom printing capabilities on corrugate. We can create a unique brand experience for your market.

6.      Keep it simple.

A simple design is almost always preferable to a busy hodge-podge of labels and colors. Likewise, a clear readable font is essential. With just seven seconds to make that first impression, you want to communicate clearly to your customers.

7.      Include instructions

Identify what your transportation company, retailers, and customers will need to know to handle your packaging and use your product.

8.      Ensure that your packaging protects your products.

At Wertheimer Box, we employ an entire team of structural designers. They’ll consider factors such as size, durability, strength, shelf space, and safety.

In that way, your product is protected and that the packaging won’t be easily damaged if it someone drops it. A box of feather dusters is not going to need the same strength as a box of paint cans. Learn more about the different types of corrugate.

9.      Know how your products will be transported.

Transportation companies, such as FedEx and UPS, each have their own mandatory packaging requirements. At Wertheimer Box, we’re aware of these constraints and can help you be compliant, so that your products will fit on a pallet.

10. Be aware of retailer packaging requirements.

Similarly, retailers, such as Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart and others require special sizing and packaging requirement. Wertheimer Box employees will work with you to ensure that your products will be able to be placed on the shelves where you need them.

11. Consider point-of-purchase displays.

According to the Oxford College of Marketing, display packaging can help reinforce the positioning of your product. Harvard Business Review points out that the last 5% of effort (rather than the first 95%) can make the difference between success and failure of a product: In consumer marketing, that last 5% manifests itself at the point of purchase just before consumers choose what to buy.

12. Consider the environment.

Paper or plastic? At Wertheimer Box, we focus on sustainability.

EPA statistics reveal that the recycling rate for corrugated boxes is 88.4% far exceeding the average recycling rate of 50.1% of packaging and containers. By contrast, the recycling rate of plastic bottles and jars is just 29.1%

13. Make your packaging efficient and economical.

We’ll help you balance your objectives. You’ll want your box to be economical and fit within your brand’s budget, but also durable and in keeping with the quality of your brand.

14. Know that we’re here to help you.

Wertheimer Box has been in the packaging business for 80+ years. This uniquely enables us to help you in a variety of ways.

First, we’re able to help you design packaging that meets your product’s unique need. Our team of graphic and structural designers can help you create the brand look and feel that your product needs to be successful.

In addition, we’ll share with you what various retailers and shippers require. We’re familiar with quality and regulatory standards across a variety of industries.

What’s more, we also have relationships within the industry. For example, if you need packaging that we don’t make at Wertheimer Box (e.g., chip board folding boxes, bottlers, etc.), we’ll introduce you to people who can help you.

We’ve got your back.

15. You’ve got this.

You may be new to your product marketing role, but we’re here for you. You’ve got this.


Jeff O’Boyle, Quality Assurance Manager, contributed to this article.


Doug Wertheimer

Since 2004, Doug Wertheimer has been the owner and president of Wertheimer Box, Corp. Under his tenure, the company has more than tripled in size. Doug grew up in the corrugated packaging industry and has 40+ years of experience in packaging solutions. He majored in history at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Wertheimer Box manufactures custom, printed corrugated boxes and corrugated point of purchase displays as well as standard boxes and packaging.

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