A potential customer walked into Wertheimer Box on time for his early afternoon appointment. He was exploring new options for his corrugated packaging solutions.

The Problem

As he sat in our conference room, his cell phone rang out.

He apologized. He needed to answer this one. It was an urgent call from his manufacturing plant.

His operations manager reported a troubling problem. They were going to have to shut down the production line at his food processing facility early the next morning, because they did not have enough boxes.

Their current supplier said they could have corrugated boxes in a week to 10 days.

Our Solution

Wertheimer Box sprang into action. After determining the size and board used in the food supplier’s boxes, we ordered the corrugated sheets from our corrugator
that afternoon. The sheets were delivered to our manufacturing plant that evening.

With our large plant and flexible production, we produced the boxes they needed in the wee morning hours. Our truck driver was able to deliver the boxes to the food supplier at 7 a.m.

Their line never had to shut down. Instead, their production continued without so much as a hiccup. (Maybe a few headaches, but no hiccups.)

The Moral of the Story

Wertheimer Box had the necessary capabilities—adaptable staff, variety of machines, manufacturing efficiencies, and the flexibility to quickly prioritize a client’s needs. We also had one more thing: a brand new, loyal customer.

To this day, the food supplier turns to us for his packaging needs, and we continue to strive to provide the company with the same superior level of service that we did on that first day we met.


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