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Types of Shipping Boxes and Corrugated Packaging

Explore different types of shipping boxes from Wertheimer Box. These are some of the commonly purchased box types that we manufacture. Our manufacturing practices do not limit us to these styles alone. We offer almost any corrugated packaging or shipping box type you can imagine.

We Offer These Types of Corrugated Boxes and Many More

Along with our stock and custom corrugated shipping boxes and internal corrugated packaging, we offer numerous custom branded boxes personalized with your logo, complete packaging solutions, and corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) and other retail displays.

Commonly Used Types of Shipping Boxes

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Styles of Slotted Corrugated Containers

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

Looking for a versatile box that can ship and store your products? You may want an RSC.

Regular slotted containers (RSCs) are our most popular shipping and storage boxes.

With an RSC, one set of flaps (the outer flaps) meet in the center. You can seal your RSC with plain or branded packing tape.

Although commonly called a cardboard box, experts know that cardboard is a catch-all term. Rather, Wertheimer Box makes RSCs of corrugated fiberboard. The efficient RSC box produces minimal waste.

Half-Slotted Container (HSC)

Half-Slotted Container (HSC)

If you’re a restaurant, caterer, store,  or not-for-profit, consider an HSC.

A half-slotted container (HSC) has the bottom flaps of a regular slotted container (RSC). In other words, the two outer flaps meet in the center. However, the top of an HSC is open.

An HSC is versatile, efficient, and durable. It’s a great choice for traveling short distances or displaying items. Half-slotted containers are also used to collect food, clothing, toys, or other donations or to store items on a shelf.

When paired with a corrugated tray over the top as a lid, an HSC is called a telescope box.

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

Are your products heavy? Or fragile? Will you be stacking them?

A full overlap container (FOL) is a box in which the inner flaps meet in the center, and the outer flaps overlap. This makes the flaps easy to secure.

Very strong and durable, this type of construction is ideal for heavy-duty jobs, such as shipping tools, furniture, or equipment, or fragile items, such as glass, artwork, or mirrors.

An FOL container also stacks well and is resistant to rough handling. It also has additional product protection when using a knife to open the box.

Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC)

Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC)

Are you afraid your customers might slice into your products when opening their boxes?

When we produce a center special slotted container (CSSC), we cut the inner and outer flaps to different lengths. This creates two layers of corrugated fiberboard on both the top and bottom of the box.

Strong, stackable, and easy to seal, CSSCs prevent someone from slicing into the product when cutting open the box. For example, these boxes may ship books, lampshades, linens, or clothing.

Snap or 1-2-3 Bottom Container with RSC Top

Snap or 1-2-3 Bottom Container With RSC Top

Are your products lightweight?

A snap-bottom container is also called a 1-2-3 bottom. The bottom of the container has three layers of corrugated boards that “snap” together. It’s called a 1-2-3 because it takes just three steps.

The snap bottom container enables workers to quickly construct or disassemble the box.

The RSC top is then secured with shipping tape. (See regular slotted container or RSC box.)

These boxes are commonly used for lightweight items and small quantities.

Customized UN Packaging

UN (United Nations) packaging for the transport of dangerous or hazardous materials.

Examples of Telescope Style Corrugated Boxes

Design Style Container partial telescope With Cover (DSC)

Partial Telescope Design Style Container With Cover (DSC)

Easy access is one reason to purchase a partial telescope container.

A telescope container is a box with an upside-down tray as a lid. Typically, this lid covers one-third or less of the box, which makes it a partial telescope box.

The design style means that the sides are formed with stitching (staples) rather than adhesive.

These boxes make wonderful gift boxes. They can also be helpful when opening and closing the box regularly, for example, with copy paper.

Full Telescope Design Style Container (FTD)

Full Telescope Design Style Container (FTD)

For durability, consider an FTD.

Like other design-style containers, this FTD has stitches (staples) at the seams for extra strength. With a full-telescope design, the two-piece box is formed from two scored and slotted blank trays.

Therefore, the box sides are contained with two full layers of corrugated, and its seams are reinforced with stitching for extra durability.

This makes a full-telescope design-style container resistant to punctures, tears, or breaks.

Don’t See the Box Type You Want? Just Ask.

We’ve illustrated some of the most popular box types. However, we offer customized corrugated shipping cartons, branded packaging solutions, proprietary ecommerce solutions, and retail displays of any color, grade, finish, or design of corrugated boards.

Types of Corrugated Folders

One Piece Folder (OPF)

One-Piece Corrugated Folder (OPF)

Easy assembly is one reason to choose an OPF.

One-piece corrugated folder boxes are designed to be stored flat and quickly assembled to ship items. We score the folder box, so it is simple to construct along the fold lines, and its protruding ends tuck into each side for secure locking.

Besides being easy to assemble, an OPF can ship books, artwork, and promo items. It’s commonly used to ship small, flat items in ecommerce.

Five Piece Folder (FPF)

Five Piece Corrugated Folder (FPF)

Wondering how to ship that long flat item?

The five-panel corrugated folder has a fifth panel that tucks in securely to close the box. This construction results in additional support on both ends.

Because of this extra durability, the five-piece folder is often used to ship long, flat, or narrow items, such as golf clubs or fishing poles.

Packaging Considerations

It’s not “just a box.”  Read these “15 Most Frequent Packaging Mistakes.”  You’ll learn how your packaging decisions can impact your product, your customer’s experience, and more.

Die-Cut Style Corrugated Trays

Corrugated Roll End Tray With Locking Cover

Roll-End Corrugated Tray With Walker Lock Ends

Corrugated trays are designed for shipping small, lightweight loads.

Roll-end trays don’t require glue or stitching (staples). A walker-lock corrugated tray has tabs and slots. The tabs tuck into the slots to lock themselves in place.

These boxes are commonly used by the food and beverage industry, electronics companies, and online stores.

Roll End Tray Walker Lock Tray, Or Tray With Self Locking Ends

Roll-End Corrugated Tray With Locking Cover

Roll-end trays don’t require glue, stitches (staples), or adhesives to assemble.

This type of tray has sides that tuck into the box to lock themselves in place.

Pre-Glued Style Corrugated Boxes and Trays

pre-glued auto bottom box with RSC top flaps

Pre-Glued Auto Bottom Corrugated Box With RSC Top Flaps

In this box type, the bottom of the box is already pre-glued. This means that the bottom doesn’t require packing tape or adhesives to assemble.

Pre-glued auto-bottom boxes save assembly time. They are often used in shipping, storage, retail, and ecommerce.

RSC flaps have two sides (outer flaps) that meet in the center and are sealed with packing tape

corrugated pre-glued four-corner tray

Four-Corner Corrugated Tray

Four-corner corrugated trays have four pre-glued corners. This makes them easy to assemble.

They can be used as trays or as lids on telescoping boxes.

They are also used for items that need to be displayed or easily accessed. Therefore, they are often used in the food and beverage industry.

Corrugated Six Corner Tray

Six-Corner Corrugated Tray


The six-corner tray has six pre-glued corners, which saves assembly time.

These versatile boxes are often used to package and ship food and beverages, clothing, home goods, and more.

Types of Interior Corrugated Packaging Used in Shipping Boxes

corrugated pads for interior of packaging

Corrugated Pads

Corrugated pads are simply flat rectangles of corrugated. They can sit at the top and bottom of your box, between layers of products in your box, or vertically to separate products.

Corrugated pads make boxes sturdier and more rigid, so they can absorb shock. They also prevent moisture and keep items cleaner.

Each single-wall corrugated pad has three layers: a liner board, a fluted center, and another liner board.

Additionally, we manufacture double- or triple-wall pads for extra-heavy-duty jobs.

corrugated tube partition

Corrugated Tube (Liner)

Did you know that tubes can have corners?

Corrugated tubes do.

We score the rectangle, the fold it or tape it, so it encircles the four sides of your box for added strength and rigidity.

Placed inside a box, the liner reinforces the container’s sidewalls.

corrugated box partition

Corrugated Partition

Corrugated partitions divide individual products on the same layer of a box.

For example, they may be used to cushion large glass bottles, such as wine, beer, or liquor bottles.

Used in combination with corrugated pads, partitions may separate and protect shorter glass bottles, such as pickle jars, salad dressing bottles, or other condiments.

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