Wertheimer Box employees making corrugated boxes

Cost-Effective, Custom Corrugated Shippers

At Wertheimer Box, we own the equipment to produce a wide array of corrugated shipping boxes and packaging solutions at competitive prices for you. These are designed to:

Deliver Your Products Safely

Minimize the Use of Materials

Meet Quality Standards

All Sizes of  Stock and Custom Shippers

Among other products, we offer corrugated shipping boxes in all sizes—from those small enough to hold a coffee cup to those large enough and strong enough to ship a refrigerator.

Any Color, Grade, Finish, or Design of Corrugated Boards

Our broad range of custom corrugated shipping box and packaging capabilities offer you nearly unlimited options for customization:

  • All available corrugated board typesgrades, and colors to meet your needs and budget
  • Unique materials and finishes for water-resistant or grease-resistant applications
  • Custom and stock size boxes to fit your unique products
  • Plain or one-, two-, three-, and four-color direct print graphics to showcase your brand and messaging (See Custom Branded Boxes Personalized with Your Logo)
  • Glued, taped or stitched joints for various strengths and purposes
  • Full labels, spot labels, and digital printing available for high-end needs or fine print jobs
  • Custom designed inner packaging components to cradle your product for delivery
  • Die cuts for custom boxes and displays, such as rounded corners, handles, custom angles or notches, air holes—for unique presence or needs
  • Customized unit configuration and labeling, so your boxes, packaging or displays come in the quantity you want or facing the direction you need for automation at your end
  • Designs, samples, and prototypes so you know what you’re getting—typically at no charge to you
  • Complete regulatory compliance documentation to meet your industry standards

Beyond Corrugated Shippers

Along with our stock and custom corrugated shipping boxes and internal corrugated packaging, we offer numerous custom branded boxes personalized with your logo, complete packaging solutions, and corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) and other retail displays.

How We’re Able to Maintain Production

At Wertheimer Box, we’re able to maintain cost-efficient production of your corrugated shipping boxes to meet your packaging needs and deadlines.

As a family-owned, independent box manufacturer we achieve this through an inventive strategy of owning our own corrugator and strategic sourcing.

Our Own Corrugator

In order to maintain a cost-effective supply of corrugate, we joined with other Midwest corrugated packaging manufacturers to form Independence Corrugated (Oak Creek, WI).

This relationship allows us to receive corrugated sheets overnight or even the same day. In this way, we’re uniquely poised to satisfy your requirements.

Independence Corrugated is a three-shift, 24-hours per day corrugated sheet manufacturer. It’s equipped with a state-of-the-art, 112-inch corrugator.

Our Corrugator Produces

  • Strong edge crush test (ECT) grade corrugated sheets
  • Extra-strong (Mullen board) grade corrugated sheets
  • Single- and double-wall flute profiles

Our Corrugator Allows:

  • Cost-efficient short runs
  • Economical large run orders

A True Independent Box Company

We also maintain strong relationships with a number of other carefully selected sheet vendors. As a result, we’re always able to offer our customers:

  • Uninterrupted availability
  • The widest range of corrugated products and services possible

We Offer Custom Shipper Design Services

We have a dedicated team of full-time designers providing effective design solutions. We provide designs, samples, or field test prototypes—typically at no charge. We can also supply International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) UN, and other packaging laboratory test results, upon request.

Try Our Exemplary Customer Service

At Wertheimer Box, we strive to provide an amazing customer experience. We match each customer to a dedicated customer service representative.

In fact, we have an entire team of customer service representatives. That’s unlike other packaging companies that have only one or two people to field your questions.

Consider a Complete Packaging Review and Audit

We offer comprehensive reviews and audits for your:

  • Cost-saving initiatives
  • Item consolidation and reduction projects
  • Packaging performance enhancement
  • Sustainability programs

More Benefits of Wertheimer Box Shipping Boxes

Short Lead-Time Orders

We can meet quick turnaround times. In part, that’s because we have 15 high-capacity machines — the majority of which perform multiple, elaborate steps.

Additionally, the layout of our 303,000 square-foot plant gives us great efficiency and flexibility. We have our own corrugator that allows us to receive corrugated sheets overnight or even the same day.


Small to Large Orders

We can handle both small and large packaging orders.

Large Custom Carton and Packaging Orders

Our modern 303,000-square-foot facility and our advanced equipment afford us the ability to provide large runs in a short time.

“Small” Custom Carton and Packaging Orders

We know your “small” orders aren’t small to you. In 1939, our founder Ernest Wertheimer embraced the philosophy that no customer was “too small.” To this day, the Wertheimer Box team of approximately 120 full-time employees continues to honor this tradition.

Delivery Options

Our vast network allows us to deliver boxes at multiple locations anywhere in the United States—with a single point of contact for you. We can also offer drop-ship and customer pick-up options. We’re happy to arrange the delivery option that works best for you.

Warehousing and Inventory Management

We can store your corrugated boxes or packaging for you. We’ll also manage your inventory, helping to ensure that you’ll have the flexibility to increase production when the need arises.

Want More Information?

Whether you simply have questions or you’d like an estimate, we’re here to serve you.

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