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Wertheimer Box – Corrugated Packaging Solutions and Much More

We’re so much more than a corrugated packaging manufacturer. That’s because:

It’s not just WHAT we do. It’s also HOW we do it.

We offer all our customers a superior customer experience—no matter their size or need. We also stand behind our products. More important, we stand behind you. At Wertheimer Box, your brand’s success and profitability are our success.

We’ve got your back.

Learn more about Wertheimer Box and our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Wertheimer Box Offers Products and Services for Your Brand

We’re one of Chicago’s largest independent corrugated packaging companies. Besides our excellent customer support, our dedicated team at Wertheimer Box offers you:

Wertheimer Box Offers Extensive Corrugated Packaging Capabilities to Meet Your Every Need

We have the equipment to produce an extensive range of corrugated packaging at competitive prices. We can provide almost all available corrugated board types, grades, and colors for your packaging solutions.

Our extensive capabilities also include:

  • Custom and stock size boxes to fit your unique products
  • Plain, one through 6-color direct print graphics to showcase your brand and messaging
  • Glued, taped or stitched joints for various strengths and purposes
  • Full labels, spot labels, and digital printing available for high-end needs or fine print jobs
  • Custom designed inner packaging components to cradle your product for delivery
  • Die cuts for custom boxes and displays, such as rounded corners, handles, custom angles, notches, or air holes— for your unique look or needs
  • Customized unit configuration and labeling, so your boxes, packaging or displays come in the quantity you want or facing the direction you need for automation at your end
  • Designs, samples, and prototypes so you know what you’re getting—typically at no charge to you
  • Complete regulatory compliance documentation to meet your industry standards

What’s more, in partnership with several other independent manufacturers, we have our own corrugator. That means we have the flexibility to quickly produce large volumes of corrugated sheets overnight or even the same day.

All Our Products Are Made in the USA

Our Broad National Coverage

Furthermore, we’re a member of AICC, The Independent Packaging Association FirstPak program. As a result, we’re able to cost-effectively and efficiently serve you—no matter where you are.

This affords you nationwide or multi-location deliveries plus:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Single point of contact
  • Overall reduction in packaging costs
  • Assured supply

As an independent corrugated producer, we strive to be responsive and flexible in terms of specialized products, services, and customer needs. We strive to satisfy and exceed your expectations.

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