The Situation

An existing ecommerce client wanted to grow its revenue. At the time, we were providing its corrugated shipping boxes.

Our client’s request?

In addition to the shipping boxes, the company wanted custom gift packaging solutions that would boost sales of its unique B2B and B2C products.

Our Complete Packaging Solutions

Our Packaging Goals

At Wertheimer Box, we had four goals.

  1. Create gift box solutions that were commensurate with the client’s valued online products.
  2. Protect the products with adequate packaging.
  3. Make the process convenient and seamless for our client.
  4. Increase our client’s sales.

After all, our clients’ goals are our goals.

Our Actions:

Wertheimer Box and I leveraged our respective 81 and 30 years of relationships in the industry. As we do for so many of our clients, we were able to provide complete packaging solutions that made sense for the vastly different products our client sells.

For the gift boxes themselves, we sourced a type of two-sided white, bleached chipboard (called SBS board). With it, we created nearly a dozen different gift box sizes and structures for products of varying weights.

As needed, we chose to reinforce some of the SBS board boxes, for example, by lining some of the bottoms with white corrugate. (Think “gift ornaments” vs. “cookie jars.”)

What’s more, we sourced the tissue paper, gift tags, and elastic ribbon to enhance the sophisticated appearance of the packaging.

Our Complete Packaging Solution Concepts

We presented two concepts to our client based on their request.

For the first concept, the personalized, beautifully gift-wrapped product would be assembled and delivered to the intended recipient. This would create both the element of suspense and delight to the receiver. What’s more, the purchaser wouldn’t have to order a gift product, create the packaging, then turn around and ship it again.

The second concept made sense when the purchaser lived near the intended recipient or planned to see them in person. The gift, packaging, tissue and tag would be delivered unassembled to the person who ordered it. No need to run to the store and pick up a gift bag or tissue. The gift solution items would be delivered, unassembled but complete.

Either packaging solution would create convenience for the online purchaser.

The Results of Our Complete Packaging Solution

Our client loved the concepts, the convenience we created for them, and the complete packaging solutions.

Today, our ecommerce client offers these solutions as gift boxes.

As a result, its sales have been phenomenal. The gift boxes fly off the shelves and are some of the company’s best-selling products.

The Moral of the Story

Wertheimer Box manufacturers corrugated containers AND also leverages its relationships in the industry to provide our clients with conveninet packaging solutions and one-stop “shopping.”

Maria Deizman

Account Manager Maria Deizman leverages 30 years of professional relationships in the packaging and containers industries to deliver unique, one-stop-shop solutions for her clients. These clients describe Maria as positive, thoughtful, caring, smart, hard-working, and a pleasure to do business with. A business graduate of Western Illinois University, she has worked at Wertheimer Box Corp. since 1994. This case study references Maria’s client and demonstrates the level of excellent account management service she provides.

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