Here are 10 ways I’ve found to build customer trust and confidence in our manufacturing company.


Out-service the competition.

To help meet customer deadlines, I’ll do everything I can—even if that means going to the customer’s manufacturing facility and packing boxes in an emergency. Furthermore, I’ll go to their facilities and take inventory of their packaging needs—whatever it takes to serve them. Customers remember those times. It builds their trust.


Return calls promptly.

Quick responses let your customers know that you care. It helps them gain confidence that you’ll be there when they need you.


Be available 24/7.

In our fast-paced world, people are used to around-the-clock support. I’m even available on vacations. My wife is not a fan, but it helps build trust and confidence with my clients and by extension in Wertheimer Box.​


Be a man (or woman) of your word.

Obviously, I can’t control if a truck breaks down, a blizzard interrupts the supply chain, or a pandemic increases the demand for corrugated and plastic packaging. But I can do everything in my power to meet customers’ corrugated packaging and retail display needs and timelines.


Know the status of customers’ products.

I know exactly where my customers’ corrugated packaging solutions are in the manufacturing process.  I pay attention to their jobs, and I know what’s happening.



I keep customers apprised of the status of their manufacturing jobs. I let customers know what I know about their products, and I educate them. It’s important to be transparent to help increase customer trust and confidence.


Advocate for the customer and the company.

As an account representative, I’m an employee of Wertheimer Box. But I also work for each and every customer. It’s a balance, and it’s important for me to realize I work for both my own company and my customers. I work to build loyalty with coworkers and customers alike.


Do the right thing.

At Wertheimer Box, integrity is one of our core values and its part of our mission statement. From management on down, everyone tries to do the right thing all the time. I’m happy with that.


If there’s an internal problem, offer solutions.

As an account representative, communicating externally AND internally is important. I never go to Doug (Doug Wertheimer, the president of Wertheimer Box) with a problem unless I also have solutions to address it.


Don’t give the customer every single thing they want.

It may sound backward. But if you know that it’s going to be difficult to meet a customer’s request don’t make promises you can’t keep. It’s more distressing to a customer if you promise something and then you don’t deliver. Occasionally, this may cause you to lose a project. But integrity is more important than the sale.

Robert (Bob) Sievert

Robert (Bob) Sievert has extensive experience in the corrugated industry. Out of high school, he worked in production and began “climbing the corrugated ladder.” He soon became a designer, and a customer services representative, before entering sales. He has worked at several companies in corrugated sales for a total of more than 35 years. He has been happily with Wertheimer Box since 2002.

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