The Situation

A few years back, I made a “cold call” to an entrepreneurial startup company. The business owner was about to launch a large gaming unit—the type you see in bars and restaurants. Each unit weighed 155 lbs. or more.

She needed a way to safely ship her huge, heavy, yet fragile, products.

Our Complete Custom Shipping Carton and Packaging Solution

Our Goals

At Wertheimer Box, we wanted to achieve five goals:

  • Provide strong shipping cartons that would withstand transport and delivery—and still look great.
  • Ensure that the gaming units arrived safely.
  • Create a cost-effective solution for our client.
  • Design a custom shipping carton that was a “walking billboard” for the brand.
  • Be sustainable.

Our Actions

To those ends, we designed a durable (275-lb., double-wall corrugate) custom corrugated shipping carton. The design included foam to protect the products—even when the heavy cartons were stacked and moved during shipping.

Moreover, we printed the client’s logo prominently on the outside of the shipping carton. This clearly distinguished its products and enhanced its brand presence.

In time, modern technology has also enabled us to package the product using foam only for the corner caps of the custom shipping carton. These caps provide the extra product protection needed while being more sustainable by minimizing the use of foam.

In addition, we use corrugated buildup (a composite of several thicknesses of corrugate). This enables us to further cut back on the use of foam. At the same time, it enables new gaming units to sustain the inevitable bumps, jolts, and pressure loads that occur during shipping and delivery.

The Results

Today this “cold call” has become a long-term client.

Since no job is too small or too large for us at Wertheimer Box, we were able to provide custom shipping cartons that safeguarded the gaming units when they were new to the market.

What’s more, we continue to evolve and grow with our client. The company now features a multitude of gaming units that it ships worldwide.

The Moral of the Story

Wertheimer Box manufacturers custom shipping cartons. Additionally, we leverage 81 years of experience and deep relationships in the packaging industry to provide complete custom, branded solutions.

As a result, we’re able to offer our clients convenience and “one-stop shopping.” Further, we create sustainable packaging solutions for our clients to help them grow and succeed.

Maria Deizman

Account Manager Maria Deizman leverages 30 years of professional relationships in the packaging and containers industries to deliver unique, one-stop-shop solutions for her clients. These clients describe Maria as positive, thoughtful, caring, smart, hard-working, and a pleasure to do business with. A business graduate of Western Illinois University, she has worked at Wertheimer Box Corp. since 1994. This case study references Maria’s client and demonstrates the level of excellent account management service she provides.

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