A new retail client in Kansas shipped us another company’s shipping carton.

“Can you do anything like this?” he asked. The corrugated box he sent had unique branding–colored corrugated packaging, logo branding, and multi-color printing.

The Problem

He wanted a similar box by Thanksgiving which was just three weeks away.

Of course, we said we could produce the boxes for him even though the order would be a rush order since we had only three weeks to manufacture these unique boxes. We had to:

  • Come up with colored corrugated
  • Help the customer design his logo for branding purposes
  • Choose the right ink colors to print the boxes

Also, the customer’s products were in glass bottles that had to be protected for ecommerce shipment. Furthermore, these bottles would be packed in the box for retail display in stores.

The customer hated to wrap his product in kraft paper or bubble wrap.

Instead, we would need to create inner die cut corrugated packaging that not only protected the product during shipment but would also be used for display purposes.

The client provided ideas for what they wanted their brand logo to look like. Our graphic arts team worked with the client’s graphic designer to create the client’s logo and artwork that would be printed on his boxes.

Our Solution

Our talented structural design team created cad drawings to design the inner die cut corrugated packaging that would protect the client’s glass bottles in the corrugated box. Actual prototypes of the packaging were made for test shipments.

The client approved the logo and artwork to be printed on the boxes. The samples passed the test shipments. We were then ready to manufacture the boxes and inner packaging.

We delivered on time and on budget.

With its ecommerce website and the correct retail boxes, the Kansas retail client was able to develop a national presence.

Today, Wertheimer Box produces boxes for the three companies that this Kansas client now operates. We have expanded his packaging requirements into multiple sizes and styles of gift boxes for the holiday season.

The Moral of the Story

Wertheimer Box strives to continually provide this client—and all our clients—with the same high-quality service from Day 1.

Just as we did for this client in Kansas, we are able to provide boxes for all clients throughout the United States. We can create branding packaging for your business including ecommerce stores. We can help you develop your unique branding and your packaging. We can help grow your business.

Doug Wertheimer

Since 2004, Doug Wertheimer has been the owner and president of Wertheimer Box, Corp. Under his tenure, the company has more than tripled in size. Doug grew up in the corrugated packaging industry and has 40+ years of experience in packaging solutions. He majored in history at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Wertheimer Box manufactures custom, printed corrugated boxes and corrugated point of purchase displays as well as standard boxes and packaging.

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