APSTAR flexographic printer and rotary die cutter with Doug Wertheimer

Recently, we installed a new machine, an APSTAR HG2 1628, in our 303,000-square-foot plant. Its name is a bit of a mouthful, so we call it “MIC.”

MIC stands for multicolor ink on corrugated. Plus, one of our operation leaders is named Mick, so that’s kind of fun.

But when it comes to the machine’s capabilities, you might wonder what’s in it for you, our customer.

Take this quiz to see if you know how expanded machine capabilities at Wertheimer Box can empower your business.

Test Your Knowledge: Quick Quiz

New Box-Making Machine’s Speed

1. True or False: Wertheimer Box can get my boxes to me more quickly because of MIC.

2. Choose the best answer: How many boxes can MIC produce in one hour?

New Machine’s Box-Making and Printing Capabilities

3. Choose all that are true. MIC has extensive box-making capabilities, including:

4. Choose the best answer. MIC has extensive printing capabilities, including:

5. True or False: MIC uses recyclable strapping for sustainability.

6. True or False: MIC is a digital printer.

7. True or False: In addition to boxes, MIC can produce most types of corrugated retail displays.

Just for Fun, Related Quiz Questions

8. Choose all that are True. How large is MIC?

9. Pick the one best answer. How many sides does a corrugated box have?

10. True or False: The Outlaws Motorcycle Club, the third-largest motorcycle club in the United States, was established in McCook, Illinois, in 1935.

Click "Submit" to see how you did. Please wait 5 seconds while we score your results.

Ask Your Rep for a Sample Box

MIC printed you a sample box with a Frisbee®-like flyer—a metaphor for watching your sales soar.

MIC Promo Box Contents

Your promo box includes:

  • MIC-printed corrugated mailer-type box with inside-outside printing.
  • Informational oversized postcard.
  • Frisbee®-like Flyer for the office or your favorite kid.
  • Die cuts for the business card and the Flyer.
flexographic printed sample box

Request a Sample Box made by “MIC” for You.

Benefits of a Custom Branded Box

When we manufacture Custom Branded Boxes for you, your company can:

  • Showcase your logo and company/product brand colors (inside/outside printing).
  • Add messaging to communicate with your customers.
  • Offer an ethical, eco-friendly solution compared to poly bags.
  • Protect your products in transit.
  • Increase your sales and profits through increased brand awareness with less expense than a digitally printed box.
flyer in flexographic machine sample

Open flyer (left) flies and soars; closed flyer (right).

Sample Box contains a Frisbee®-like flyer for office breaks or your favorite kid!  Boxes branded with your colors help sales soar, and products fly off the shelf.

Results of Having Custom Branded Boxes From Wertheimer Box

  • Enhance your B2B or B2C brand awareness among customers.
  • Create a traveling billboard for your B2B or B2C company and/or products.
  • Save money with volume flexographic printing compared to expensive digital printing.
  • Watch your branded boxes fly off the shelf and see your sales soar.
box on a platter

Experience our white glove service. Contact your dedicated sales rep or click the black button below.

How to Get a MIC Promo Box

Contact your dedicated sales rep today.

Don’t have a Wertheimer Box sales rep? Click the button below and one of our corrugated experts will mail or bring you a promo box.

Doug Wertheimer

Since 2004, Doug Wertheimer has been the owner and president of Wertheimer Box, Corp. Under his tenure, the company has more than tripled in size. Doug grew up in the corrugated packaging industry and has 40+ years of experience in packaging solutions. He majored in history at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Wertheimer Box manufactures custom, printed corrugated boxes and corrugated point of purchase displays as well as standard boxes and packaging.

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