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Packaging Sustainability

At Wertheimer Box, we are committed to Sustainability. As part of the corrugated packaging industry, we have been leaders in manufacturing natural, recyclables packaging since 2004.

What’s more, we have been certified to the SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE® Standard for Certified Sourcing since 2008. This organization helps ensure that the paper we use is from responsibly managed and renewable sources. In all, 93% of all corrugated board is made with material supplied by SFI Program participants.

Facts About Our Sustainability and Green Initiatives


Corrugated Boxes Recovered for Recycling


SFI Program Participant Supplied Corrugated Board


Our Recycling of Corrugated Trimmings

We recycle 100% of the corrugated trimming, which is our largest manufacturing waste byproduct.

We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art scrap system.  This system allows for scrap from our converting equipment to be pulled through metal vacuum tubes in the ceiling and deposited in our baler. There, we bale and bind the scrap. The scrap is then sent back to the paper mills to be converted into more corrugated paper. Unlike plastic containers which are not recyclable, 78% of all corrugated boxes are recovered for recycling.

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Our Plant Uses Only Water-Based Inks for Printing.

The Plastic Strapping That Binds Our Products Is Recyclable.

How Customers Can Be More Sustainable and Use Less Raw Material

In addition to the inherent green attributes of the corrugated product itself, we have a team that is committed to looking for ways to reduce raw material use for our customers.

For example, our talented design team considers the raw material waste when they create high-quality die cuts and point-of-purchase (POP) displays. This practice is part of our sustainability goal and helps keep your material costs down.

We’re always happy to review your entire packaging lineup. Simply ask one of our experienced customer service representatives or sales consultant staff members. We’ll evaluate your lineup to see if we can further consolidate and reduce your packaging material volume.

How We Remain Trailblazers in Sustainability

We maintain membership in various packaging industry professional organizations. We also subscribe to most industry publications. This helps to keep us up-to-date on the latest sustainable technologies and practices.

Additionally, we’ll continue to seek new ways to improve our performance in:

  • Recycling
  • Sustainability
  • Pollution control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Source reduction

For more information, please contact:

Quality Assurance Manager
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